Aug 292012

Acrylic Abstract Black and White. Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 24 x 1″ (each panel). $175 USD. Purchase here!

As much as I love color and all the abstract things it can express, sometimes we need some monochromatic artwork to ground us and remind us of the beauty of the most basic things. This two-panel black and white painting by Ryan O’Neill does exactly that. This bold, modern piece will make a stunning design element to any household!

And if you just looooove color in art that much, Ryan has plenty of that too!

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Aug 282012

Forest of Limbs (Ode to Aimé). Watercolor on paper. 8 x 8″. $60 CAD. (approx. 62.18 USD) Purchase here! 

One of my favorite artists I’ve had the pleasure of finding/meeting on the internet, Devon Sioui (aka Nervrom)has a bunch of new items in her Etsy shop! I have been mostly looking forward to her jewelry pieces (and I don’t even wear jewelry, that’s how much I like them!) but was momentarily distracted by these watercolor pieces. It’s awesome to see her iconic abstract style shifted onto a different medium.

Looking Up (Feathers In My Hat). Watercolor on paper. 8 x 8″. $40 CAD (appox. $41.45 USD) Purchase here! 

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Aug 272012

Corazón. Hand-Accented giclee print on canvas. 8 x 10″. Edition of 5. $75 USD. Purchase here! 

This beautiful still life is by acclaimed contemporary painter, Cate Rangel. Her subject matter is usually portraits of women, so this was a pleasant surprise to find in her shop! These prints are in very small editions, and each has some acrylic paint accents, which makes every print an original, and unique work of art. Considering most of her original paintings are above the Shop Art Direct budget, this is a fantastic deal!

Check out Cate’s other canvas prints, original paintings, and prints on paper at her store!

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Aug 232012

Dove Study. Graphite on Italian poplar wood panel. Approx. 10.25 x 7.25″. $175 USD. Purchase here! 

I have a special appreciation for wood as a medium and artists that incorporate natural wood grain and texture with their artwork. Lauren Gray does this so freakin’ beautifully (pardon my eloquence).  Dove Study is an original drawing that has been permanently mounted into a frame made of recycled barn wood. This lovely piece is ready to hang and fly home to you!

See more of Lauren’s original pieces, prints, and sculptures at her Etsy shop, The Haunted Hollow Tree.

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